Best 10 Cryptocurrency Recommendations for 2021

Crypto currency or cryptocurrency is commonly used to transact digitally. This digital currency is as valuable as currency in the real world. Even crypto currency collections are now trending. Here are some interesting cryptocurrency recommendations for 2021.


Cryptocurrency Recommendation List 2021

1. TRX

Tron or TRX is a new crypto asset. TRX owner Justin Sun is a young Chinese entrepreneur who entered Forbes 30 under 30 and is the protege of Jack Ma. Tron as a means of paying for premium access is increasingly being used in the future. Why? Because many people are willing to pay for access to premium content.

2. BTC

This digital currency still sits in position one. Bitcoin also holds the title of the most popular digital currency since its inception. Not only popular, Bitcoin is one of the most worthy digital currencies to own.

Even cryptocurrency experts call it the king of cryptocurrency. The amount of Bitcoin is very limited while the demand is high. This causes the exchange rate or the price to soar.

Currently, the investment value of Bitcoin is soaring. Starting with a price of hundreds of silver, Bitcoin is now worth hundreds of millions.


Dogecoin was launched in 2013. This technology originated with Litecoin. Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus. Dogecoin was originally planned to produce a maximum of 100 billion Dogecoins but over time Dogecoin was announced to have an unlimited amount of supply.

Initially the Doge was used as joke currency. Some believe Doge will increase to $ 1 some don’t. But interestingly, in early 2021, Doge’s fans are increasing, especially when there is a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In early January 2021, Doge was still around tens of silver and in just one month, as of January 29, 2021, Doge managed to penetrate USD $0.1.


BNB Coin was launched in 2017. BNB has strong fundamentals which are coins from Binance Exchange, one of the largest crypto brokers in the world with CEO Changpeng Zhao a successful Chinese-Canadian businessman.

With BNB, you can use it to pay trading fees on the Binance Exchange and other payment tools that are used by certain vendors for example for travel expenses, buying virtual gifts, and much more. Currently BNB has reached more than $ 200 per coin.

5. XRP

RippleNet is a payment service network such as banks and financial services businesses developed by Ripple. Ripple is designed as an everyday payment system. XRP itself is a representation of the Ripple network. The difference between XRP and Bitcoin and Ethereum is that Ripple doesn’t use Blockchain, whereas the two coins do. XRP is getting enough attention until 2021, you know. Maybe you are interested?


In second place is Ethereum which has a fairly high level of liquidity. This is due to quite a lot of currency trading on this one. So that the disbursement is easier than other digital currencies.

The Ethereum exchange rate did decline in 2018, just like Bitcoin. However Ethereum bounced back in 2020 and was able to occupy second place on CoinMarketCap.


Litecoin is often called the best digital currency because it has a high level of liquidity and a large market share. This digital currency can be compared with BTC and ETH. There are currently 84 million Litecoin freely circulating on the market.

Litecoin is very worthy to have because it has several advantages. One of them is the mining process which only takes about 2 minutes. No wonder investors are more interested in LTC than others.

8. BAT

Cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token was developed by a company called Brave Browser. The way this token works is the same as a bonus or tip given to content creators.

The little or the amount of information provided by content creators determines the size of the tokens or tips they get. To get lots of tokens, of course the content creator has to provide a lot of information.

9. NEO

NEO has something in common with ETH. Many crypto watchers say NEO will do well with time. Currently, NEO is used as a foundation for building digital financial assets, smart contracts, and blockchain applications.

10. EOS

EOS is one of the crypto assets with the largest community. EOS makes it easy for developers to create database and account management without having a programming background.

All digital currencies included in the cryptocurrency recommendations above have bright prospects. In addition to some of the recommendations above, you can also try to start investing HOT and what is hotly discussed in early 2021. However, you should also not forget the risks. So you also have to be prepared for the good and the bad.


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