BTC Price Prediction Will Increase Drastically in 2021

After the price of Bitcoin (btc) broke another record, breaking through 33,000 US dollars per btc or around Rp. 457 million (exchange rate of Rp. 13,865 per US dollar), the price of btc has the opportunity to skyrocket again in 2021. Triv’s Business Development Manager Jordan Simanjuntak said the cause of price increases Bitcoin, because large investors who may have realized profits, will return to the Bitcoin market. “I think the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise in 2021, and I project the price of Bitcoin to reach 55,000 US dollars per btc (Rp. 762 million),” Jordan told, kompas (4/1/2021).

For information, throughout 2020, the price of bitcoin has increased three times. The increase in btc prices even occurred amid the fall in the stock market due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Jordan, the increase in the price of BTC was also triggered by the Fed’s monetary policy which continues to press interest rates to remain low until 2023.

“The Fed’s policy has made many market players choose Bitcoin as a place to place investment funds. it is still up, gold has fallen in trend, and it seems that billionaires are diverting funds from gold to enter Bitcoin, “he added. On the other hand, he believes that many institutions have started to invest in Bitcoin. He said, for investors who want to invest in BTC, it is better to start now with Dollar Cost Averaging or buy regularly.

“My advice for investors who want to enter is still very good to enter now by buying regularly rather than buying at once a lot. On the other hand, investors who want to sell must also be disciplined in the target they set,” he said.

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