Online Business Inspiration 2021

There are many things that are needed before you start a business, one of which is looking for inspiration for an online business. Getting inspiration can be from anywhere, from friends, reading information, seeing market opportunities and so on.

Good business ideas and planning are the most important elements in building a profitable business. Without a good idea, your business will be similar to other businesses and have no added value. But without careful planning, you can be sure your business will not
long-lasting. Then what business inspirations are suitable for you to develop in 2020, especially when the economy is facing a decline due to the Covid 19 outbreak, here are 12 business inspirations that you can try to build.

1. Online Shop
Who doesn’t know an online shop? the choice of business opportunities from opening an online store is very promising. Why? Nowadays digital media and the internet are the most popular and easy for anyone to do.

By optimizing and building an online store, you can introduce a wider range of products to various segments. Can’t make a website? You can market your products through local Indonesian marketplaces such as Shoppe, Bukalapak, or Tokopedia. Therefore
You only need to take the time to input all the data from your product into the marketplace.

2. Online Catering
Catering is an inspirational business that always has the potential to be profitable, why? Because people definitely need food and snacks everyday. Even if there is an event to be held, catering is very practical to order by consumers so that the affairs of the event can run smoothly. This business
easy to do and can be made into a home business with the help of family members. In catering, you can innovate the menu that is available to offer, but make sure all the food you offer has a good taste.

3. Franchise
Now the franchise is very popular and has begun to develop, it has become an easy business to do. Generally, the best-selling franchise is a franchise that already has a product name and brand in the eyes of the public. So that business people who open a franchise will find it easier to develop their business. Choose a strategic place, do a good planning and marketing system. So this franchise business can develop in order to get a lot of turnover and open new job opportunities.

4. Online Writer
Another business inspiration can be to start an online writer, which is starting to be needed by various kinds of product owners or online platforms. Now that there are more online readers and a potential target consumer, now many online platforms publish their writings to be enjoyed online as well.

Trying to become an online writer can join communities, such as bloggers, freelance writers, community writers, content writers and so on. It only takes perseverance and creative ideas in writing, it already gets a very satisfying monthly income.

5. Dropshiper
The number of large companies that have products certainly requires network marketing. When starting a business, you don’t have to have a product or even your own shop, just being a dropshipper is also an easy thing to do.

With a smartphone and an optimal marketing process, you can run this dropshipping business. Generally, a dropshipper will optimize his social media account. Apart from being practical, you don’t need to provide stock or packing, because a dropshipper only helps the marketing process. When a sale occurs, the producer will do everything and the commissions received by dropship can be obtained immediately.

6. Product Photo Services
Not everyone who owns a product and sells it has the ability to take product photos well. Meanwhile, the strength of business is in the visualization of the products offered, so product photo services help product owners get attractive and eye-catching photos
catching for consumers to see.

If you have photography skills, this profession can be an option. Only armed with a camera, an attractive background and photographing skills. Will produce the best product photos and get a promising income.

7. Pet Shop
For people who like to raise animals, of course the presence of a pet shop can help you to meet the needs of their pets. Generally, pet owners also need care services so that their pets are cared for and kept clean. Hence, the pet shop
very helpful for pet owners ranging from providing food and care.

In a day, a pet shop owner can get a lot of benefits just by grooming customers’ pets. Provide shuttle services or discounts for pet shop customers and provide the most complete range of food and care products.

8. Selling Environmentally Friendly Products
The current go green trend opens opportunities for business people to produce products that are very environmentally friendly. For example, making bags from used plastic, making decorative designs from used sacks or cardboard and utilizing existing environmental waste and turning them into new products.
unique and interesting. Generally, people will be interested in new and friendly things

This environment, even this type of business could potentially penetrate the export market because generally foreign consumers are more aware of using environmentally friendly products.

9. Online Trainer For Online Courses
The use of digital technology combined with the existing internet can open online or online course opportunities. If you have foreign language or cooking skills then try to open an online course. Of course this can be done anywhere and on schedule
match customers interested in online courses.

You can also open private tutoring courses online and even have the opportunity to reach elementary to high school children. Use social media to introduce online course services by providing attractive promos.

10. Laundry
Another business inspiration is a laundry business that can be run only from home and is easy to do. To start a laundry business, you need to find a supplier of perfume for laundry clothes, soaps and so on. So that later customers will feel satisfied with the laundry results, no
just neat and clean but also very fragrant.

If you want to provide a better service, you can provide delivery services. Next, give promos to customers, this is done in order to attract new consumers. So that it can achieve more laundry turnover and more business

In addition, you can sell loundry equipment both fragrances and soaps online. This is the right online business inspiration if you are setting up a business in the field of loundry.

11. Selling E-Book
Electronic books are currently very trendy, apart from being cheaper than printed books, they are also practical and can be on electronic devices. Its use is also to be carried anywhere and read anytime is simpler. So selling e-books can be a promising and rewarding business
advantage. Optimize social media for e-book sales promotion and provide interesting tips on why you should choose an e-book. Give a lot of variety to the e-book that is produced so that many consumer choices.

12. Sell Books
Selling books today can inspire further, easy-to-run businesses. Many people today need interesting reading books, especially for their children. Or textbooks for school and college purposes that will be used. Even if
done well, it can collaborate with various existing publishers, Shopymatic also provides the opportunity to become a book reseller.

So that business people only need to do promotions without having to stock their own books. Provide a service that the books that consumers need can be made ready and available.

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