Promising Online and Offline Business Ideas in 2021

2021 is still a difficult year due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has not yet ended, but there is still much you can do to earn money. Doing business is still something to consider this year, in fact the businesses below are growing because many people reduce their activities outside the home.

Talking about a business opportunity or what we usually call a business, will always be interesting. Don’t miss this article, because you will provide tips and a few business ideas for those of you who want to start a business in 2021. So, continue to see the article right away!

Best Online and Offline Business Recommendations in 2021
1. Selling on the Marketplace
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to reduce their activities outside of their homes, so they prefer to shop online. So it’s important for you to sell on the marketplace, because the marketplace has a clear transaction system that makes it easier for you and your customers. Besides that, you can also directly choose Anteraja as your delivery service. So that you can provide the best delivery for customers. Try checking the postage now, to find out the shipping options and shipping prices offered by Anteraja! Don’t forget, Anteraja also has an accurate package tracking feature that will tell you the position of the package in detail. So that your customers just check the receipt and sit quietly until the package arrives.

2. Become a Streamer
Some people have started to become a streamer lately, especially young people. There are many things you can do while streaming, you can play games, make up tutorials, storytelling, and other things that can entertain people. Especially in 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has not completely disappeared, so many people are still doing activities at home and need entertainment online. You can get money from monetizing a streaming platform or endorsing it from a sponsor, so you can earn money when you become a streamer.

3. Become a Blogger
Do you like writing? That means you should consider becoming a blogger. You need to create your own blog and design your blog page so that people are interested when they see it. Then fill your blog with entertaining or informative content, such as product reviews, tutorials, do it yourself (DIY), storytelling, and so on. It can all be adjusted to your ability to create interesting written content.

4. Dropshipper business
Dropshipping business will be an easy and very promising business, especially if you are selling online. You can dropship items that are always sought after, such as beauty products, cellphone accessories, baby equipment, and so on. This business requires almost no capital, but you have to be right in choosing items to sell. Because the profit from the dropshipping business is not too large, so you have to sell on a large scale.

5. Design Services
Design services have also been sought after in recent years, such as graphic design services, website design, logo design, and so on. Design services can be very high paid, especially if it is hired by a well-known company. Create a small design agency in advance to oversee multiple designers. Promote your business so that companies glance at the portfolio your designer has, so that they are interested in using design services from your agency.

6. Become a Reseller of Famous Products
Being a reseller can indeed be an easy business, because you don’t need to think about branding your own product. But you also have to become a well-known product reseller, so that the products you sell are known to many people. You can become a reseller of famous clothing products, baby equipment, cellphone accessories, and so on. Take advantage of the marketplace as a platform for you to sell online.

7. Hijab business
Hijab is a fashion product that is in demand in Indonesia, because the hijab is the clothing that Muslim women need. You have to really consider doing the hijab business, either by becoming a reseller or making your own hijab brand. Look for a convection that is able to produce the hijab according to your wishes, of course with the best quality and the right price. Then look for the advantages of your hijab product and make it a branding of your business, so that people know what kind of hijab you sell and make them interested.

8. Petshop business
There are many pet shop businesses, but only in a few areas. Whereas there are so many people who raise animals and are widespread in various regions, for this reason pet shops must be more scattered. So if you have quite a lot of capital, consider running a pet shop business. Especially if you combine it with a veterinary clinic, more people will need you.

9. Kiloan Laundry Business
Laundry kilo is the service most sought after by people who live in big cities, because most people do not have much time to wash their own clothes. So, if you live in a dense and busy area, try to use your capital for the kilogram laundry business. Especially if in the area around you there are no laundry kilograms that are standing, then it could be that the kilogram laundry is the only option.

10. Fashion Business
Fashion products have always been very popular products in every marketplace, because clothing is everyone’s need. South Korean-style fashion is still loved by many people, so fashion products that smell of South Korea are still in great demand. You can look for clothing suppliers that offer quite affordable prices, because many people are tempted by cheap prices.

11. Convection Business
The convection business is in great demand in Indonesia because of the very high market demand, but the business requires quite a lot of capital. But don’t worry, this business can be done for beginners. The important thing is to increase your promotion offline and online, so that people are interested in buying the clothing products you make.

12. Baby Equipment Business
The birth rate is high enough to make baby equipment always a very popular item in Indonesia. If you want to sell baby equipment, you can sell baby clothes, cutlery, milk bottles, diapers, and so on. However, you need to pay close attention to the products you sell, because poor product quality has a big impact on the health of the baby.

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